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Putting the Art in Heart

The Art Garden Academy

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Meet Juli Hess

Artist, enthusiast, teacher, guider, and most of all, a dreamer who wants to put art in the hearts of those who strive to create

"Creativity can't be forced, it takes space to grow like a garden.

To see like an artist is to observe from every perspective and then to grow is to make meaning of it for you and in turn for others.

The space it takes to create is lessened by the experience of knowledge; the more you make with inquiry and observation the more creative you become in EVERY way, not exclusive to the artist's way."

Join The Studio

Whether in studio or virtual lessons, Art Garden Academy has all that you need to learn and grow into an artist for the world.

Art Programs

Subscribe and we'll meet you there. We are here for guidance and feedback at home or in-studio. Discover everything art here.

Summer Camps

Our week-long summer camps take you on a themed journey through a variety of creative skills to put your mind and hands to work

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Phone Number: (614).269.8182    /     Email:    /    172 Granville St, Columbus, OH, 43230

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