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Meet The Team!

We are the lucky ones, we get to see the world from every perpective; teach that!

- Juli Hess

Owner and Teachers of Art Garden Academy fine art studio

Welcome to our garden. Who doesn't love to take a walk through a garden? For a garden to get to a place of wonder and beauty, it takes great diligence of care, pruning and propping in a bed of rich soil. For a garden to flourish it requires nurturing; with your hands, your eyes, your heart.

This is Art Garden.

And this who we are...

Juli Hess

Juli Hess | Owner
Art Garden Academy Teacher

What is your favorite quote and why? 

"Every child is an artist, the problem is to remain an artist once they grow up"- Picasso

After watching all ages of children in my studio, I can see the exploration of creating things is a natural state of being for 4 year olds, a state of play and curiosity that lasts a few years. By age 7-9, children start to compare; the curiosities that are the fundamentals of creativity start to be silenced by the comparison of their peers. At around age 10 and up, confidence enters and it goes either way. This is what Picasso means, EVERY CHILD IS AN ARTIST, in that regard, every adult is an artist, too, they've only forgotten. It is our job at the studio to remind them at every age, we see them where they are and take them on a journey to creative intellect.

What is your personal life motto? Just show up. 

Showing up to a canvas, an event, a person, a conversation means you've made the first step to say yes to an experience that will help you learn what you are capable of. 

What does art mean to you? - Art is everything, every single thing you see was first a thought and then art made it a thing. The teaching of the process of art(creating) teaches how to take that thought and courageously and patiently and confidently make something out of it. Artists 'get' this, as children it comes quite easily, simply watch them play. Children make their thoughts into things rather effortlessly. As they grow there is a bit less courage, patience, and confidence. The art making process can keep these things in tact by reminding us what it takes to turn a blank canvas (or a thought) into a painting (or a thing) we love. 

Mae Furst

Mae Furst
Art Garden Academy Teacher

Why did you choose art? I love the freedom art gives you and the lessons we can learn through the creation of it.  Art teaches you to be a problem solver, to find joy in the little things, and have pride in what you do.  I love the joy and accomplishment on a students face when they make something they really like and are proud of.  This is all I want in the world!  

What is your favorite part of working with Art Garden Academy? I love watching them learn, grow, and find their passion.  It is always a thrill when I get to see a student "get it" and start to create some truly amazing art.  We also have a great community, where students are excited to show up to the canvas and are always encouraging each other.  

What is your favorite phrase to use? "Your best piece is always your next one!"  Every time you work on a piece, you learn more and get better.  

"It's your art and you're the artist... you have to like it!"  and if you don't, then "change it!" 

Brandy Wiseman

Brandy Wiseman
Art Garden Academy Teacher

What is your personal philosophy? - My personal philosophy is always be uniquely YOU. There will no one else just like you, so be YOUR best self. One of my favorite things about working in the art studio and teaching a step by step class is being able to see just how unique each persons project turns out to be. I think that’s one of the most wonderful things about art, we get to express and share the different ways we each see the world.

The best part of Art Garden Academy is... - The community. Being at the art studio, whether you consider yourself a creative or not, brings a sense of belonging. Every day is met with inspiration, collaboration, and a positive warmth to meet you where you are at, whether it’s your mood for the day or your skill level.

What would you say to a new student? - I’m excited to start creating art with you!

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